Brewery Tour – Gluek Brewing Company

Joe and assistant brewer at Gluek Brewing Company was nice enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to tour us around their brew house.

On Friday January 18th, 2008, Jim Pierson, Kevin Hubbard, Steve Rinker, Steve McLean, Jim Bartkey and I took a tour of the Gluek Brewing Company.  In addition to brewing their own brands Gluek, Stite, and Northern Reserve, they are also the number one producer of energy drinks in the United States.

One of the most unique things about the brewery is that they sit on a spring that is fed from an underground glacier lake.  The water filterd down through the granite into the lake making their water source naturally pure.

The brewing starts with a spring water in a 300 barrel batch.  The wart is chilled by 58 degree spring water which is fed into a hot liquor tank for the next batch of beer.  They have a highly configurable bottling and canning line that allows them to package many different sizes of bottles and cans.  Beer is pasteurized and then sent to the packaging line.  Everything is automated from filling to pallets.

The day we were there they were filling energy drink cans.  It is a fun process to watch.  Joe gave us some samples of Honey Bock, Red Bock, Stite and Stite Lite.

If you are ever in the Cold Spring, MN area, I suggest you check out the events and contact the brewery about a tour.  Thanks to the Joe and the rest of the staff for the hospitality.

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